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Kevin’s BBQ Joints likes to be thorough. So he visits all three locations of Phil’s BBQ in San Diego! Lots of tasty photos.

BBQ Jew notes there’s plenty of Bruhaha about Texas Monthly having the country’s first full time BBQ editor. Sorry Texas but North Carolina’s Bob Garner’s been writing full time about North Carolina BBQ for a LONG time.

Don O’s Texas BBQ is heading to the Houston BBQ Festival and has hits up plenty of BBQ joints on his way down!

Cowgirl’s Country Life smokes up some salmon using Harry Soo’s Slap Yo Daddy chicken rub and brown sugar. collier ras de cou avec perles 2collierfrance8341 Looked so good it slapped me across the computer screen!

Another Pint Please is facing two problems – a snow storm and a slab of ribs that might need to go in the freezer. “Even with a winter storm warning in effect, I felt obligated to fire up the grill. I had a rack of ribs in the fridge which I refused to freeze. collier or femme amazon 3collierfrance3033 Fortunately, BBQ takes precedence over inclement weather.” We salute you sir!

BBQ Sauce Reviews checks out Texas Sweet Hickory and has only one BAD thing to say about it. petits dragons perles wostu nouveaute 100 925 en argent sterling dessin anime dragon breloques pour femmes bracelet bijoux fic1489 “They only sent me one bottle”. bague acier inoxydable argent or motif royal croix 9 mm pitchu33200 pitchu33200 Nuf said. Go buy this sauce!

THE MEATWAVE doesn’t hand our props like candy! So when he awards Rufus Teague Blazin’ Hot Barbecue Sauce a stunning 8 out of 10 points that’s reason to click in and check it out.

Obsessive Compulsive BBQ digs deep into American history and finds a fun little tidbit. “In the early 19th century, during the administration of president Andrew Jackson, two groves of trees were planted on the Capitol Grounds for barbecues.” Read the entire article – WORTH IT!!

Fed Man Walking visits Stiles Switch in Austin, TX. “Stiles Switch is my go-to for BBQ without the BS. They’re open when they say they’re open. They cook enough meat to last the day. Even if the line wanders the 15 yards to the door, pitman and slicer Lance Kirkpatrick keeps it moving without sacrificing an affable sense of ease. I can dodge in, get a half-pound of moist brisket and be out the door in five minutes most days.”

Marie let’s Eat hits their 200th BBQ review! For the this milestone they hit up Texas style The Rib Ranch in Marietta, GA. 2ct ruby 925 solid sterling silver victorian style ring jewelry sz 9 pr43 pitchu36831 pitchu36831 “I was happy to tilt my head back and let the smoky taste of the ribs linger while considering all of the silly Texas kitsch and bric-a-brac on the walls, but Marie was keen on dessert and tried a hot fudge brownie, which she loved. I accepted her offer of a bite, expecting the cool taste of cold chocolate syrup instead of piping hot brown goo. That was an unpleasant surprise.”

DivaQ smokes up a crispy duck dish. “I think duck doesn’t get used nearly as much as it should be. Its an incredibly rich dark and forgiving meat that lends itself well to many applications. Plus I have been watching many episodes of Duck Dynasty on A&E lately and well its been making me hungry and Si cracks me up. HEY!”

Texas BBQ Posse shares two little known facts about Slow Bone BBQ, the newest joint in Dallas. I won’t give it away but this line is worth quoting (concerning their BBQ Drugs sign) – ” I’ve always believed that good BBQ is like good drugs”

Patron’s of the Pit gives you tips on how to clean your pit without getting covered in ash. “Every pit should come with its own built-in Shop Vac we think. For there were times I’d wheel over the garbage can and just invert my grills and ash pans over it. The result naturally resembled something akin to loitering on the flanks of Mount St Helens after a modest eruption.”

BBQ Master thinks out of the box. When I think of cabbage & BBQ I’m thinking slaw. But then I’m not a MASTER. She stuffs it with sausage and smokes it on the grill! So much I need to learn.

Memphis Que visits newly opened Razorback BBQ in West Memphis, TN. “After glancing over the menu I asked the two employees present which they thought was better between the ribs and the pulled pork. “I just took the ribs off this morning and they turned out great today,” was the answer I got so I ordered a half-slab plate.The hefty portion of ribs was incredibly tender and served in my preferred dry-with-sauce-on-the-side manner. They didn’t have a ton of smoke flavor but I liked the dry rub on them.

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